Goldilocks: an Arduino Clone


This would definitely save a lot of space and frustration. Could use this for my project:

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The Goldilocks

Ever battled SRAM limitations with your sketch on the Arduino Uno? Decided reluctantly to break out an Arduino Mega, and  suffer with the resulting shield incompatibilities? Yup, me too…

Philip Stevens and Jonathan Oxer decided to do something about it. They’re currently running a crowd funding project on the Australian Pozible site to build a board they’re calling “Goldilocks.” Presumably named since it doesn’t have too little (memory), isn’t too big (a footprint), but it’s just right..?

The Goldilocks board is an Arduino clone, but instead of using the ATmega328p of the Uno, or the ATmega2560 of the Mega, it uses the ATmega1284p micro-controller. It has the same form factor of the Uno, but more SRAM, in fact it has eight times more, and that’s actually twice as much as the Mega.

Feature ATmega328p    ATmega1284p    ATmega2560p
Cost $2.99 $4.66 $11.28
SRAM 2k 16k 8k
Flash RAM

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