First Sketchup drawings of The Liquorator

I have finally got around to posting some screen shots of my initial google sketchup drawings  for The Liquorator. This is a very rough idea of what I would like the frame and some of the other parts to look like. (Control panel, X axis cart rails, Y axis cart rails)


At the moment, the main support frame is about 50″ in length, 20″ in width, and 20″ in height. This will most likely change significantly as I start gathering materials and finding out what is realistic. The first prototype frame will probably be made out of mild steel due to cost and ease of welding. Eventually I would like this to be constructed of aluminum so that it is much lighter and easier to transport.liquorator_frame2

The blue colored part underneath the cart is the stepper motor that will be used to move the cart along the X axis. I will have a small timing belt pulley attached to this stepper motor, with a neoprene, fiberglass re-enforced timing belt attached at both ends of the frame to allow the cart to move back and forth with precision. The rails will be made out of stainless steel so that we avoid rusting and extra friction on the cart sliders. An acrylic type material will be used to guide the cart on the rails with its lower friction qualities. Blocking will be placed underneath the rails to give the cart something to push down on while activating the liquor dispensing optics. These “optics” will be the topic of another post really soon.

Please post your questions, comments, or ideas!

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