USB Extender Rev 1


My first revision of the USB extender that will be used to extend the Arduino USB connections to the outside of my electronics box on the back of my machine. I added in the footprints of the USB connectors and re-routed the traces in a simpler fashion. This will allow me to re-program the machine without having to open up the access panels.

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2 Responses to USB Extender Rev 1

  1. Bredo says:

    Are you sure you want to use USB/serial?
    It has given me lots of trouble. If you add an ICSP header then you can skip the boot loader as well, and free up some ram for your sketch. I find ICSP more reliable but it does of course require a programmer.

    • At this point, I think sticking with USB is my preference. It is what I am most comfortable with and I would rather spend my time getting a good prototype of this machine running rather than messing with my programming methods. I understand what you are saying though Bredo.

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