Power Distribution Board Rev 0

After watching some more instructional videos on using Eagle CAD, I am happy to say that I have designed my first double sided PCB. The free version of Eagle that I have only allows for about 4 inch by 5 inch PCB’s. So I had a lot of cramming to do and ended up having to have a second layer of copper. I am very happy with how this turned out. Now I just have to find a good price for some cooper clad PCB boards so I can start getting them etched!



Starting from the left, the ATX power supply connector will plug into the board. Using an ATX power supply is the easiest way for me to get the voltages I need to run my machine, and it should provide the current requirements. Next are the power switches for turning the different voltages on and off. I also included a PS_ON switch to turn the power supply on and off manually. Next are the fuses for circuit protection. I haven’t decided how big these fuses will be yet. Power jacks are on the far right that will connect to the other electrical devices. Along the top are status LED’s that indicate which voltages are turned on. I also included voltage status output headers so that I can have status LED’s mounted to the side of the case for viewing while the case is closed.

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