Power Board SketchUp Model


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4 Responses to Power Board SketchUp Model

  1. Bredo says:

    Too much, and too detailed planning, get on with it 😉

    Just kidding, I have run into all sorts of problems due to my non-existent plans – if only I took the time to think things through before building it, I would have saved myself from lots of headaches and frustration 🙂

    • Yes, I am trying to plan out as much of this as I can. In college, most of the projects I participated in had little to no planning and they were a complete disaster. That was probably one of the most valuable things I learned: take a little more time, think things through, and document EVERYTHING for future reference.

  2. Marc_Ant1 says:

    Hi again!

    Where will be located your ATX power supply?

    My first idea was to make it “pretty” and let it rest on the floor, but the wire are not very long enough to “simply” give that option.

    Then I tought about putting it under the frame by raising up the frame and other major component, but if something goes wrong and juice or alcool is accidentally spilled it may cause damage to the PSU and/or other circuit.

    So the third option is hooked behind the frame :/ wich is not very clean. I love clean wiring finish!

    Any tought to share on that?


    • I will be building a nice aluminum box to put all the electronics and wires in and I will mount the box to the back of the frame. I have a sketchup drawing of this but I havent posted it yet. I figured this would be the best way to avoid wires hanging out everywhere. I plan on putting computer case fans on the bottom of the box for heat ventilation too.

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