Still Here

It has been a while since my last post. I have been extremely busy lately and haven’t had any time to add anything new to the blog.

Even though I am not posting, I am constantly brainstorming new ideas for this project. Here is one that I came across today:

My original idea was to use a simple 4 by 20 character LCD display for the user interface of the bartender. It would be a good start for me, since I don’t have much experience with display programming, but once I am comfortable with the code, this addition would take it to the next level.

The Gameduino 2 shield would not only be a fun challenge to program, it would also be a much more aesthetically pleasing interface for users. The possibilities are almost endless for how sophisticated the interface could be. Some ideas that come to mind are:

  • Animations to draw attention.
  • Images of the mixed cocktails, or the ingredients used in the cocktail. (Example: If the user selects a Screwdriver cocktail, the screen would display a picture of the brand of vodka and some orange slices, or the brand of orange juice used in the drink.)
  • More detailed descriptions of the ingredients or cocktails. (Can’t type much detail on a 4×20 display)

The Gameduino 2 shield for the Arduino is on Kickstarter and is still in the process of being funded. The funding backers will get their shipments in December of this year, so hopefully I can get my hands on one early 2014. I may pitch in the $59 on Kickstarter to get one in December instead.

Please post your comments!

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