As a recent college graduate, I find myself with a bit more time in the evenings after work to come up with cool projects to do in my spare time.

Surprisingly, after 9 semesters as an electrical engineering student at Washington State University, I never touched or fiddled with this little device called an Arduino.

I am starting this journey into the world of Arduino with a project that I thought would be most useful and entertaining. An automated bartender. Comically named “The Liquorator”.

I chose this project over all others because of how useful it could potentially be. After learning to appreciate a good cocktail in college (mixed by a human), I thought, why couldn’t this be automated. There is a procedure to make a specific drink, so why not program a machine to do it?

There are many different designs out there on the internet, some of which I am using ideas from, and adding my own twists to make it my own. But my main goal here, above all else, is to make this machine as simple as possible. I tend to over-complicate things, so I am using this opportunity to design a simple system that still completes the functions I need.

I will be posting pictures, videos, and lots of notes about my first Arduino adventure.

Time to have some fun. πŸ™‚

5 Responses to About

  1. binamghimire says:

    Looks interesting enough!>…good luck..:D

  2. Bredo says:

    Hehe, I don’t like mixed drinks, but I like this project. Good luck. I’ll be watching πŸ™‚

  3. Marc_Ant1 says:


    I’m currently starting a very similar project. And I’ve just receved my first Arduino.

    For now i’ve ordered a few part (liquor wall mount rack with “push” dispenser and solenoid).

    I want to try to serve soda without using CO2, in fact in want to use gravity plus a little help of simple air pressure, by hanging the soda bottle up side down hidden behind the liquor bottle and adding pressure to push down the soda.

    I’m very glad i’ve found your blog since your on the start of the projet!

    • Awesome. I havent had much time to work on this project lately. I have been really busy. I am hoping to make lots of progress this winter when the sun goes away. πŸ™‚ Keep checking back every couple weeks. I try to post something about my progress, no mattee how small every couple weeks.

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