This is the Arduino Mega 2560. I chose this model of the Arduino mostly because of its expanded memory and extra digital output and pulse width modulation pins. This would prevent having to buy an expansion card, or another arduino in the future to support my project. Compared to the Arduino Uno, this board has about triple the output pins.


Arduino UNO. A smaller version of the Arduino Mega with less memory, inputs, and outputs. Used for smaller projects or expanding a project with serial communication with multiple Arduinos.

LED Painter


The LED Painter by Brilldea. Drives 16 RGB LED’s with 3 TLC5940 chips. The Arduino communicates with this board with 5 wires compared to the 48 that would be needed to hard wire each LED to the Arduino. Code for controlling this board can be found on the Libs page of this blog.

Piranha Super Flux LED (RGB)


Super bright LED’s that will be driven by the LED Painter. These are RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED’s. Sourced on eBay for cheap. Very expensive to buy any where else.

8 Channel Relay Module


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